If you are a car owner, you probably had one of those frustrating days when your car ignition just won’t work. In turn, this disrupts your normal driving day and daily activities. This is most likely caused by problems with your ignition switch. You usually see your ignition in the steering column and use it to start your vehicle’s engine cycle. Your car won’t operate or serve its purpose if your ignition switch is left unattended.

Listed below are some of the most common car ignition switch struggles that drivers deal with. Sure, licensed drivers may DIY to solve some of their basic problems. Even so, it’s still best to hire an automotive locksmith especially for ignition issues that need professional attention. They have the necessary skills, tools, and knowledge to help your car’s ignition system go back to its good working state.

Faulty from the start

If you’re planning to buy a new vehicle, look carefully into its ignition system. Your switch might be malfunction because its parts had issues from the beginning. Most automobile manufacturers offer customer warranty, but if your switch fails beyond its warranty period then you will most likely need a certified car locksmith. They can surely help solve whatever your ignition switch concerns are.

Switch won’t turn

Have you already inserted your car key but the ignition switch won’t turn? Chances are, your switch has issues. If you can, you may perform some first-aid solutions. Give your steering wheel some alternating jerks. Your front wheels might go back towards the curb and avoid binding your switch and lock in the column. If your switch fails to turn in, either way, try to use electronic cleaners or dielectric silicone grease. Just avoid penetrating fluids as it may cause more damage to your switch’s internals.

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Snapped key in the switch

This issue can be one of the most hassling. For cars that have a smart key, you need an authorized repair shop to program your new key. For those with traditional physical keys, expert car locksmiths can extract your key from the switch. You can use your spare key or ask for some. Your locksmith can duplicate your broken key. If both ways are not deemed applicable, you might need a new lock cylinder and keys for your car. 

Old, tired keys

If your switch is not working, your keys might be the problem. They start to act up when used for too long and encounter issues, just like any other car component. If they are your original keys, you can use your spares and see if your ignition works. In case you don’t have spare keys, contact a trained auto locksmith. They will refer to your key code from the car’s manual and duplicate your keys accurately. If all else fails, your car needs a new ignition switch and keys.

Stuck Keys 

If your keys won’t come out of your switch after you turn off your car, jiggle your steering wheel back and forth until you get rid of the binding in the steering column. If this fails and you still can’t get your key, there might be a problem with your column mechanism. Contact a nearby locksmith right away should you face this trouble.

Transponder key problems

If your existing transponder key won’t connect to your powertrain control module (PCM), you definitely need a reliable car locksmith. They probably need to reprogram your key or create an entirely new one. Your car’s computer chip might have a problematic program. You can refer to your key security or malfunction light indicator.

transponder keys

Wafers need attention

The wafers in your ignition switch are subject to dirt and damages as time passes. This set has distinct features suited to your keys’ cuts. You can have your wafers cleaned or replaced. You can retain your switch, though.

Choose Sherlock Locksmith Over Dealers

Your car deserves the best service for its ignition switch issues. As the owner, opt for automotive locksmiths rather than dealers. Most locksmith businesses are mobile, and they can come to your rescue shortly after a phone call. Instead of towing your car to any repair stations, it’s more convenient to contact the nearby professional locksmith. They can arrive at your location and attend to your needs on-site. These dealers, on the other hand, will most probably subject your car to tow truck charges. It helps you save money, time, and effort. 

Moreover, hiring automotive locksmith services is relatively more cost-efficient than car dealerships. Auto locksmiths are geeks in terms of car repair, so it is more practical to hire them at affordable prices. If you are on a budget but need immediate help, just go for locksmiths. The majority of these professionals offer 24-hour assistance compared to dealers who often follow specific working hours. It is better to choose locksmiths who are available especially in emergencies. Choose Sherlock Locksmith now!

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