If you are a business owner, you must consider upgrading the security of your premises. In these modern times, criminals have also come up with high-tech ways to break into properties regardless of size. Your common door locks might no longer be enough. It’s time to go for access control systems. These security mechanisms will keep your employees, assets, and information protected — in a smarter way! Read on to know more about the advantages of this system.

How Access Control Systems Work

Access control systems enable business owners to remotely grant or restrict permissions for people in their premises. This improves your physical security without the need for bunches of keys and many security officers for each door. Listed below are the most used types of access control systems: 

  • RFID systems
  • Pin code systems
  • Biometric systems
  • Fob systems
  • Barcode systems
  • Proximity systems.

With a lot of options, you need to be careful in picking the right system for your business. Determine which is most compatible with your building’s specifications. You can provide individual keycards for your staff or make use of auto slide door entrances. 

Here are some of the things you can do for your business with an efficient access control system:

Have a Master Key System

As the owner, you can curate your own master key system. You can go inside all the premises and doors through a master key. Your staff, on the other hand, can only enter those doors they are authorized to. Not every employee should have access to all building rooms or areas. This will help your off-limits assets, documents, and other items secured. Of course, you can discuss your desired security level with a certified commercial locksmith

Master Key system

Feel at ease when an employee leaves

Companies that conduct frequent employee turnovers are in greater need of access control systems. For those who use ordinary locks and keys, owners need to get them rekeyed or replaced regularly. It can be hassling and costly in the long run, but not with an access control system. Employees can easily have their company keys copied before turning them over, hence jeopardizing the premises’ safety. Opt for access control key cards instead. They are easy to nullify but hard to copy.

Access Control

Void a lost keycard

In case some of your employees misplaced their key cards, you can just restrict access to those certain cards and provide new ones.

Heighten building security

That’s it. Access control systems can intensify the safety of your business against criminals. As the owner and head of the system, you can control people’s access to your building areas and get rid of unwanted people. Some systems can be installed to doors or cabinets of restricted room doors. This applies to all types of businesses and companies of all sizes. These systems are so much more difficult to break compared to traditional lock and key measures.

Value for personnel

Businesses with a high number of workers will benefit more from this type of physical security system. It can be difficult for security officials to monitor every person who comes in and goes. Chances are, unauthorized people can slip off their sight so it is better to just install an automated ID checker on your gates. Your security personnel will be more able to focus on checking their behavior and belongings.

Promote a safer working environment

Safe working environments are tantamount to business labor and productivity. With an access control system, you and your employees will feel safer going to work and encouraged to perform tasks well. Customers and clients will also feel at ease around your premises thus leading to profit increase and better partnerships. Your smart locks can leave a sophisticated impression on people while adding extra security to your property. 

Avoid unwanted duplications

Software-based access control systems are way better than your common locks and keys. Since they are customized, unwanted lockpicks will have a hard time overriding them. They are easy to update and reprogramme, same goes with the employee’s cards or entrance passwords.

Access from home

Feel free to unlock your premises through your smartphone at the comfort of your home. You no longer have to drive to your building in times of emergency. Grant your employees permission even when you’re at a distant location.

Oversee Who Comes In and Out of Your Building

If you need the best access control measures for your home or business in Mansfield, call Sherlock Locksmith, and let’s get the work started. Our team is composed of professional commercial locksmiths dedicated to providing seamless, trustworthy services.

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