Locksmiths are geniuses in key duplication. They have the appropriate tools and knowledge in copying keys within minutes. Home or business owners need spare keys in times of lockouts, replacing locks, or for room and office mates. Hire a professional locksmith to duplicate your keys. Aside from accessibility and budget-friendliness, here is why they are the best people for your keys:

 Get the right, exact keys

Locksmiths can work with all key types. If you hire a certified locksmith business, rest assured they have the right alternative for your keys and locks. They specialize in key duplication using the proper tools and measures. Contact your nearest locksmith and get your spares done in a short period of time. Compared to hardware stores, they work more flawlessly and accurately. Some hardware personnel is not as knowledgeable as locksmiths when it comes to locksmithing. They specialize from basic to complex security mechanisms for homes or businesses, so duplicating your keys is not a problem for them. Your keys are guaranteed to the right hands. 

key duplication

Locksmiths vs. hardware stores

If you want to get your eyes checked up, you won’t look around to find a general medical practitioner. Surely, you’ll consult directly with a licensed optometrist. The same thing goes with your keys. No need to drive to chain hardware shops when you can just call a nearby locksmith expert. They’ll be the ones to come to your location so you can save money and effort. Just phone them and they’ll arrive immediately, especially if your needs are urgent. Be it keys for your mailbox, car, or home, they can copy it to a blank key with the standard cutting processes. Of course, with advanced tools and the latest duplicating procedures. Most of the time, only a few hardware can perform these steps. Worse, you might even go to the wrong one. No need to jump from one hardware to another when locksmiths are there to help. Locksmith businesses are way more dependable than most of these hardware stores when it comes to your keys and locks.

They duplicate all key types

Yes, all key types. The good thing is, almost all types of keys are really easy to copy in the US. Whether your car, business, or home keys are broken or lost, locksmiths can accurately replicate them or create a new one for you. They can even make new keys directly from your lock, in case all your keys are gone. Though, things are easier if you can present your original ones. You can watch your hired locksmith do things in front of you right at your spot. They can do it in a matter of minutes or hours, depending on your demands.

Professional locksmiths focus on key replacement and cloning. Some of the brands they work on are MUL-T Locks, Kwikset Keys, and Schlagle Keys, among many others. Since duplicate services often come with urgency, they make it a point to finish tasks as quickly as possible. Of course, for well-trained locksmiths, fast doesn’t mean substandard. Locksmith businesses offer key duplication and replacement services for reasonable prices based on your distinct security needs.

Just call your nearby locksmith and get your keys done in no time. Feel free to conduct a test run with your new keys before they leave. Certified locksmiths can ensure you that they don’t keep any of your key’s information for malicious purposes. You can always go for insured ones so you can demand accountability should you notice irregularities with your keys and locks.

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State-of-the-art equipment and techniques

Before professional locksmiths became masters in keying, they studied a lot of techniques. They had to undergo a lot of training and assessments to meet safe locksmith standards. This makes more sense especially for those with certifications. This gives them an upper hand over common handymen, so it is more advisable to hire licensed locksmiths for optimal results.

These techniques allow them to apply proper solutions for clients’ duplicate needs without damaging or stripping down their locks. They are trained to perform necessary strategies depending on their client’s case.

One of these is the blind-bitting code method, in which they cut blank keys to codes. These are usually anchored to a particular brand of the key.  They translate these blind codes to bitting codes through key-cutting equipment. Another technical method is duplicating keys through lock impression. This is not easy, but with proper application and skill set it can be done correctly. Locksmiths insert a blank key into the lock and bind its pins with the lock cylinder. This is a common practice for clients who lost their original keys but need clones. The blank key has to be filed down to create a new key. It is important to note that only professional key technicians can make the best out of these steps. Contact Sherlock Locksmith now and avail high-quality duplication and replacement.