Running a business requires organizational skills for smooth operations and to keep everything arranged. It is one of the biggest roles to own a business and work it completely. Needless to say, a business requires a massive amount and a variety of investments so that in the coming future, you and your workers can carry on with a successful career and comfortable lifestyle. With that said, it is crucial to protect your ventures so that there is no reason for any misfortunes. With a professional commercial locksmith as one of your partners,  there will be no dread of losing anything. We rounded up six reasons why you should employ a commercial locksmith: 

Improve the security of your business

Being a business person, your utmost priority is to find ways to ensure the safety and security of your business and your employees. Break-in or losing of your valuable assets and files is unforeseeable, that’s why it is important to always be vigilant so that you are ready to deal with anything that might happen. If you hire a commercial locksmith, then they will utilize competent security measures such as CCTV, automated gate locks, and keypads.  These devices will assist business owners to safeguard the safety and wellbeing of their company, investments, employees, and clients.

Ensure a smooth employee turnover

Changes in the security work force can make it simpler for individuals inside or outside your organization to take important assets. These assets could be a list of stocks. A deficiency of stock can prompt a significant misfortune for your business and cut down income fundamentally. Accordingly, at whatever point there is a change in the security staff, it is basic for the business managers and operators to ensure that every one of the locks has been rekeyed by a reliable commercial locksmith. This ought to be done promptly to decrease the odds of employee burglary and endeavored theft. 

Lock repair

There is no one you can count on fixing your damaged locks other than a certified locksmith. Because doors are the main entry points of burglars, damaged locks can give them free passes to your business. Don’t leave your locks unattended, otherwise, it won’t serve their purposes. Well-trained locksmiths can solve all your locks’ issues. In case your locks malfunction beyond working hours, contact the nearest emergency locksmith to address your security concerns at any time.

Locks may have a lot of issues depending on their mechanical state. Old, worn-out ones are even more prone to damage. Locksmiths specialize in repairing different types of locks. Certified practitioners have the necessary skill set and a good handle of appropriate tools for locksmithing. If your key is stuck on your locks or your deadbolts are frozen, these trained professionals know how to fix them and bring back your locks to their good working condition. 

Lockout rescue

As frustrating as it seems, people get locked out of their homes or cars. The same thing goes with business owners or employees. They can get locked out of their premises. Trying to force open the lock on your own is definitely not the best idea. Sometimes, it’s only you that’s around and you do not have someone who has a duplicate key with you. This is where commercial locksmiths play a major role. It is better to hire your own personal locksmith to come into your rescue whenever you need help. They always have the most plausible tools and methods. Better if they offer emergency lockout services.

office lockout

Security system reprogramming

For businesses that have a lot of valuable assets, a huge workforce, or sensitive information, it is more crucial to hire a competent locksmith. You would not have to wait for unfortunate circumstances to happen before taking action. If your business happens to have an established security system,  it is best to have it reprogrammed from time to time. This makes more sense especially in times of employee turnover. You cannot allow replaced employees to still have an entry to authorized areas. Ask a locksmith to install your new keys or recode your system whenever necessary. This way, you can prevent untrusted persons from using old codes and breaking into your property.

Enhance security with access control

We at Sherlock Locksmith put the safety and security of your home or business on top of our priorities. Our commitment to excellence and integrity allows us to keep our clients protected. If you desire to have an access control system, allow our commercial locksmiths to install it for you. This will allow business owners to have every area of their business under control. No need for easily duplicated keys and numerous security officers on your premises anymore.


Our team makes sure to stay on top of the newest locksmithing technologies and techniques. We can recommend the best type of control system compatible with your business needs. Through this, owners can oversee who logs in or out of the business profile. It will help them restrict unauthorized employees to access the company’s sensitive data and files. You can feel free to give access keys or codes to trusted managers and personnel, though.