Due to the rise in crime rates, properties in Mansfield, Texas, need continuous CCTV security system surveillance. The CCTV system is monitored television in which signals are not distributed publicly, and it is normally used for both security and surveillance.But one must know where a CCTV camera should be installed to get a better view. Moreover, you can hire a professional locksmith like Sherlock Locksmith to install CCTV security systems in Mansfield, Texas.

6 Best Places to Install CCTV Security System:

Following are the top 6 best places to install CCTV security systems:

1. Front Doorway

Your first concern should be the front door. It’s a good idea to start here since about one-third of burglars enter through the front door.

Outside your home, you should install the camera closest to the front door. To ensure that burglars cannot cause any damage to your camera, place it on the second floor of your home. You can also enclose the camera, especially if you don’t have a second floor.

2. Rear Door

An intruder is likely to try the back door if the front door is not an option. Homeowners could be allowing easy access into their homes by forgetting to lock the back door.

The installation of CCTV cameras at the back door is essential. A camera here will catch the criminal in the act.

3. Windows located off-street

It is estimated that there are slightly more break-ins through off-street windows than through back doors. Your chances of experiencing a break-in can be reduced by installing cameras at your windows.Sometimes, the same cameras that cover back doors also cover off-street windows behind them. Other steps can also be taken to make sure burglars cannot see off-street windows as options to enter your home. You can call Sherlock Locksmith for additional security measures.

4. Windows on the first floor

CCTV cameras should be installed on all windows on the first floor. You need to pay special attention to these windows since they are the most vulnerable. Burglars tend to want to get into and out of your house quickly, so it’s important to have a security camera installed on all first-floor windows.

House isolated in the field

5. The Garage

Criminals can take advantage of your garage as another easy entryway. Although most people choose a window or door first, the garage is vulnerable to thieves seeking an easy entry. You can improve home security by installing CCTV cameras to watch the garage entry points.

6. The Basement

Using basement windows or other ways to access the basement from outside may be possible. Basements are not as frequent entry points as other points, but some burglars do break in through them.

The CCTV cameras can typically be placed to watch over more than one entry point. Depending on the type of security camera, it may also cover windows on the first floor or the back door of the house.

Top 6 Benefits of CCTV Security System

Following are the benefits of installing a CCTV security system

1. An increase in employee productivity

Whether you’re at the office or not, employees usually perform better when they believe they’re being recorded. Instead of wasting time throughout the day, they will stay focused.

2. Profits increase when costs are reduced

Business owners can save money over the long term by using CCTV security systems. Using them can decrease payroll expenses by reducing or eliminating the need for security personnel.

The solution is also extremely scalable. The more you expand your business, the easier it will be to integrate more surveillance cameras.

3. Compliance with business laws

Video surveillance is required by some industries to stay compliant with HIPPA and SEC regulations. There are also times when corporate policies come into play. No matter what the case may be, CCTV systems are mandatory.

4. Live surveillance

The ability to view activity around your business premises live ensures that you are always updated with what is going on. In some systems, you can view footage after it has been recorded. CCTV allows you to view what is happening right now via your mobile device!

5. Maintaining records

Maintaining accurate records of when your employees arrive for and leave work is essential! Whenever you need to demonstrate a point to an employee during a review, you can use video evidence. Additionally, it can be used to keep track of deliveries or even when visitors enter or leave.

6. Having peace of mind

Peace of mind, that’s the most important. It is natural to worry about the success of your business when you are not there to monitor it. Your fears can be eased if you install CCTV in your business because you will have 24/7 access to your business.

CCTV cameras can provide better protection when installed by a professional, such as Sherlock Locksmith. Security professionals understand how to implement a few cameras to cover all entry points.