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Are you looking for an affordable automotive locksmith in Mansfield, TX? Look no further because Sherlock Locksmith & Security can handle all of your automotive needs for a price that is hard to beat.With one of the largest varieties of keys, fobs and remotes stocked in the Mansfield area, we can safely say that all of your automotive needs can quickly be taken care of. Whether you need a quick car key repair, a cheap car key replacement or want to duplicate or reprogram your keys Sherlock Locksmith & Security has got you covered!

Frequently used automotive services

Car Key Duplication

Searching for a reliable locksmith to duplicate your car keys? Sherlock Locksmith & Security would be glad to offer our assistance in providing you with an affordable car key duplication service. Our store has a large variety of keys allowing us to give back to the community.

Car Key Programming

Equipped with only the very best key programming equipment, our locksmiths are able to quickly program the majority of all makes and models. Our locksmiths are even able to program most of your German/foreign cars. If you are looking for top notch car key programming service, look no further.

Lost All car Keys

Lost all of your car keys? Don’t stress it. Our locksmiths can quickly cut you a new key by decoding your ignition or by simply running your vehicles VIN number in order to get a key code and convert that code to the old existing key cuts. Allowing us to quickly and efficently replace your lost car keys.

Ignition Repair

Is your key having a hard time going into the ignition? When you try to turn your ignition is it really hard to turn over or stopped turning completly? If this is occuring then it might be time to call the professionals and have the problem asessed. Call to have on of our locksmiths provide you with an estimate.

Ignition Replacement

Providing high quality ignition replacement services in Mansfield, TX. Having an experienced locksmith versus an inexperienced locksmith is like a night and day difference. Our locksmiths are equipped with the correct tools and equipment allowing us to easily extract your ignition coil and replace it with a functionable one.

Remotes & Fobs

Sherlock locksmith & Security stocks a wide variety of Fobs and remotes for the majority of all vehicles in the Mansfield area.

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Searching for a reliable Automotive Locksmith? Give us a call today!

All of our automotive locksmiths are working diligently to change the way the locksmith industry is percieved. By providing upfront pricing structures and world class locksmith services we aim to please each and every customer on every job.

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